As you get to know First Presbyterian Church you will learn that at the core of what we believe, of who we are and what we do is a deep desire to REACH - GROW - SEND. You can confirm this by exploring our website. As you get to know us we hope that you will join us in all of these important activities. 


We believe faith begins with REACH. As an individual you may be reaching for answers... or reaching out to God... reaching for meaning in your life...or reaching for healing... or reaching for a new start. It's when you find yourself reaching that faith finally takes off? REACH hear and discover a new Spirit in this safe place. 


Do you feel stuck? Like you want your faith to GROW but it's not? You are doing the same thing over and over again and nothing is changing and you want a change? Maybe you feel dead in the water and need a little Spirit breeze to get you moving? How about your children, or your teenagers, are they asking questions you don't know how to answer? Come and GROW with us. We are a learning community fully committed to including everyone of every age in our walk with Christ. 


Growing faith needs to be engaged. When you are ready, we can SEND you into places and times and opportunities that will change the lives of others... and change yours, too. We are a church that thirsts for mission. We want to engage the world and if you are ready we want to SEND you.

 REACH - GROW - SEND. How does that sound to you? We hope it sounds good because that's what we are about at First Presbyterian Church, in beautiful Elk Rapids. We feel blessed and we want to be a blessing. That's what we say every week at the end of every worship, when asked, "What does God call us to do in our faith journeys?" And the whole congregation claims out loud:

We are called to introduce Jesus Christ to those who do not know him; - Reach
Deepen the faith and commitment of those who already know Him; - Grow
And demonstrate Christ's way of love in service to the world. -Send