About Us


We know that for many this is your first contact with us. We are really grateful you decided to check us out. Sure we are a Presbyterian Church, a mainline denomination, but we are much more… and we want you to visit us in real time and real place and find out for yourself.


We are a congregation that welcomes everyone… no matter who you are, because we know you are a beloved child of God. So whether our traditional worship or our contemporary worship speaks best to you, you are always invited to be part of our gathering.


We want families to thrive in our church, both young and old. Children are welcomed and encouraged to worship with families. For kids who aren’t ready for that, we have professional childcare available at all our Sunday morning times.


We are deeply committed to discipleship and invite you to participate in any of our adult learning opportunities during our discipleship hour.


We want all kids to know that Jesus loves them and we want them to grow in faith in our Sunday morning discipleship hour and in our hugely popular Vacation Bible School.


We want youth to know this is safe place for them as they discover their faith in tangible ways in our youth ministries programs, like Sunday Morning Youth Fellowship, and Wednesday morning Breakfast Club.


We want folks to take next steps in their faith journey and develop a deep abiding faith in Jesus Christ that recognizes the importance.


So as you get to know us virtually through this website we hope that you will discover that we are a real church, with real people growing in faith and doing the real work of Jesus Christ.